I have worked extensively with Owen on several projects over the last four years and in that time he has constantly delivered a first rate service.

He has been for many years my first choice cameraman as he is diligent, enthusiastic, and well organised. He takes direction well, is extremely easy going, and always able to give his opinion and advice. Owen is creative and inventive with his shots, will never settle for rushed or second class work, and most importantly great fun to work with! Owen's wonderful talent as a lighting cameraman is matched by his ability to help put interviewees at ease and inject calm into pressurized situations.

Above all, I know that I can rely on Owen to work hard, keep spirits high through the most challenging situations, whilst getting the amazing shots we need. I look forward to working with Owen for many years to come.

Emma Lowndes,
Scissor Paper Stone

Scissor Paper Stone

Talking Tiger

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Talking Tiger wrote, recorded and produced the backing music for Owen's showreel.


The key to getting this kind of music right is having a client who is clear about what they need and who has the patience, focus and professionalism to work things through properly.


Owen is absolutely clear about his camera and lighting work and knows exactly how things should look, plus a real ability to turn a creative brief into stunning video and stills. He is the consummate professional, which makes him straightforward and enormously productive to work with.


Owen also produced the stills photography for the Talking Tiger album "Moving". His eye for lighting and an uncanny way of finding the extra-ordinary contained within the ordinary, has provided a fantastic array of thought provoking visuals that perfectly complement the audio. Owen Knott? Always a pleasure.